Thank you for your interest in scheduling a visit with me. I speak at conventions, libraries, and special events. I have three prepared presentations:

  • A talk about working dogs and sheep. This talk coordinates with my recent memoir, A Dog for All Seasons.
  • A talk about the history of dogs in the U.S. military, with emphasis on the dogs that served in the Vietnam war. This talk is an outgrowth of research for my youth book Letters from Wolfie, about a Vietnam scout dog.
  • A cartoon-illustrated talk, "Creativity". As someone who writes professionally, I have a deep belief that expressing ourselves creatively is vital for all of us. 

I often speak to all-school assemblies, but the war dog and creativity presentations are aimed at fourth grade and older. All three presentations are suitable for mixed adult/youth audiences.

Each talk costs $300. Alternatively, you can schedule for $500 an all-day visit that may include multiple presentations. The host pays for transportation and lodging.

If you want to schedule a visit, please email me and provide the following information, as well as anything else you consider relevant:

  • Preferred date, with a second and third choice.
  • Whether the visit coincides with an event such as a young author's conference or a reading promotion.
  • Whether a book sale and autographing will be scheduled.

I will reply as soon as possible.