Teaching Letters from Wolfie

Discussion Guide

  1. What changes did Mark expect to see in his life when Danny left for the army?
  2. What were Mark's motives for sending Wolfie to Vietnam? Did you agree with them?
  3. If you have siblings, are you sometimes jealous of them? Explain what makes you jealous.
  4. Why did Mom break down and cry when Wolfie left, but not when Danny did?
  5. How did Mark's first date go?
  6. What role does Clair play in the book?
  7. Wolfie had abilities the soldiers didn't. Name them.
  8. Was Wolfie suited or unsuited to Army life?
  9. What role does protest play in our democracy?
  10. How did fear influence the behavior and actions of Mark, Tucker and Danny. What about the actions and behaviors of Mom, Dad, Effie and Mr. Casey?
  11. Tucker and Danny both changed in Vietnam. In what ways?
  12. Compare or contrast this book to another dog story you've read.


  1. Select a student(s) to be a reporter who will interview Tucker, Danny and Wolfie about how they feel about being in Vietnam.
  2. Have students create a poster for the protest.
  3. Music played a big role during the Vietnam era. Have students find a protest song from the 60s to listen to.
  4. Have students create a bookmark for the book.